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Work & Life

The use of the voice is vital for practically anyone. At work as well as in private life.

The voice is a working tool for many professionals. Not only the artists.
Everyone is welcome. No matter if you are a lecturer, account manager, salesman a receptionist or just a singing lover or a theatre enthusiast.

The voice may persuade, mesmerise, soothe, sell...

Would you like to speak correctly, with confidence and convincingness? To be able to produce your charming and strong voice in a reliable and healthy way so that you cause no harm to your vocal cords?

Try unconventional training of voice techniques in a cosy environment of a private recording studio in Prague. Used for teaching and coaching both singing and speech.

Did you know, that the quality of your voice comprises 38 % of your communication with others? Plus 7 % the words you use.

Ergo the character of your voice together with the verbal facet determines almost a half of how others perceive your person.